We cannot separate moral, scientific and logical truth from our actions

if we are to succeed.  The truth is the truth.  It cannot be ignored or

denied.  For this reason, the pro-life movement, by our statements that

life begins at conception and ends at natural death, will succeed.

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We believe that each person was created in the image of God, each with a divine purpose.

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An Introduction and Welcome:  Right To Life of Kansas welcomes Personhood Kansas to our state’s pro-life community.  Personhood Kansas is a grassroots coalition of local pro-life citizens and organizations campaigning for an amendment to the Kansas Constitution recognizing the legal personhood rights of every human being and ensuring equal protection of the law for every human being from the beginning of that human being’s biological development.  The coalition’s goal is the same as ours has always been - to recognize all God’s children, born and pre-born, as persons with equal inalienable natural rights, especially the right to life.  We are pleased to participate in the new coalition.  Click here for information on gathering petition signatures in support of the amendment.  (A PDF reader is required; a free reader is downloadable at Adobe® Reader.)


We must protect children from all PP programs under whatever guise they may be offered.  Get ALL PDF (1).


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